About company
Founders of the company
LLC «National Ropeways» became JSC «Nothern Caucasus Resorts» and POMA S.A.S. The company combines the experience of the world leader in the segment of cable transport systems, which has built more than 8,000 objects for 80 years of work and experience in the construction and management of the tourist cluster.

Our ability
When designing cable cars, we take into account
customer needs, creating projects that meet all the requirements.
Project management
We create "turnkey" projects, carrying out all necessary works before commissioning of the ropeways.
Innovation is our professional credo. They provide the modernization of ropeways, improve performance and increase the level of comfort.
Education and training
We conduct training activities that help operators to optimally organize the operation of the equipment, based on the knowledge and practical experience of reputable consultants.
We provide a long service life of cable transport systems, have proven technologies in the field of conversion, reconstruction and movement of existing transport systems, which allows them to give a second life.
An effective maintenance strategy, which is planned in due time and then professionally implemented, improves safety, reduces costs and helps eliminate equipment outages.

3S-type rope way

Three-cable suspended ropeways are equipped with one traction and two carrying ropes. The system uses detached clamps, and the entire system in general enables the high throughput. Gondolas are described by high wind resistance and may be used in large spans of over 2,500 m long. Moreover, 3S system is perfect as a municipal transport system having no obstacles in its way.

Pendular ropeway

Cabins are suspended by the carts with rollers and two carrying ropes They alternate in the opposite directions in the traction rope making a loop stretched between two pulleys of the end stations. High operating readiness due to simplicity and redundance of the system joints. Modular principles in passenger flow arrangement. Operating costs saving. Saving on maintenance costs. Compact terminals that enable to land "on the go". Configuration of the stations that will ensure arranging for double assess of the taking on and off passengers. Good wind resistance thanks to two carrying ropes.
Passenger aerial cableway with detached gondolas

Direct Drive technology was developed and has been applied in our lifts since 1999. The operating readiness and reliability were the main areas in its development This Direct Drive technology greatly improves the passenger comfort and the operators' security, saves power and reduces acoustic noise.

Passenger aerial cableway with with detachable chairs

Comfort through seat design: high back, 500 mm seat. Comfort via simplified taking on: seat and back colors can be modified so that to facilitate taking on from separate color corridors and thus improve security. Comfort by preventing "plunging under the barrier" (if children are carried).

Hauling ropeway

The ropeway is driven via the planetary reduction gearbox without conical pairs. A simple compact brake is built into the electric engine The engine is reliable and efficient. Tension is via a hydraulic cylinder Access to the device from the land. The inclined supports increase the passage size in the traffic side Such location provides a comfortable and safe track width for passengers. Easy maintenance of balance beams: the roller bearings are greased for the entire service life of the ropeway. The primary axis is only lubricated. Bugel has a magnetic winder The winder design reduces the number of wearing parts.
Advantages of ropeways
Independence from relief
allows you to build ropeways over the shortest distance
Independence from
weather states
it is resistance to natural
Low energy consumption
it is 5-10 times lower than energy consumption modern car's

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